Blockchain Developer


Super excited to be apart of NFT Cheese it is a very promising project around the world of web 3.0. It is also a pleasure being apart of a group of amazing creators with extensive backgrounds such as at Netflix. Building a chrome extension to get all the info you want about NFts and how to get the edge on getting your hands on that special NFT. I highly recommend checking it out




Also do freelancing work helping my clients build the dream site for their brand using the skills I have developed. I not only get excited to build the project, I get true joy when my clients are happy with the completed work and helps their business grow, not just mine.


Full Stack Development Tutor

Wyzant Inc

I get into one on one calls with students to discuss their development roadblocks and help them find the solutions to those roadblocks. Working as a Success Coach propelled me so well into tutoring I love exploring this passion with others ensuring for the best experience for my students.


Success Coach

Clever Programmer

Worked with many amazing developers teaching the fundamentals of full stack development to over 2000 students in creative ways. My development skills leveled up working as a Success Coach I had an absolute great time working with a diverse group just learning from some of the best.


HIP Intern

Northrop Grumman

Participated in monthly webinars learning more about different types of engineering and the processes of those types of engineering.Went to Northrop Once to Observe what we have learned in the webinars and more. It was a great program to be apart of and propelled me into the direction of development I'm passionate about.


I.T. Intern

Although not web development. I learned a lot of valuable information in the tech field and was a big jump start in my career as a developer

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